Monthly Archives: April 2014

Traffic comes from so many places!

The online world, even when it’s fully relating to the offline (aka REAL) world, is full of tricks, techniques and opportunities. is fully committed to bringing our offline world online, ensuring that visitors and locals alike are kept abreast of all that we have to offer.

So we’re playing around with cross social platform posting, tweeting, pinning etc. It’s keeping The Concierge on her toes, I can assure you!


It’s late at night and The Concierge finds herself not on the street of her dreams, but holed up nearby – a slave to the international timeline and trying to conduct business via telecon with NYC … and I am … on HOLD!

V.Excited to be trying out one of our newer establishments on Friday at Lunch with a formerly based here compadre who loves everything Japanesey as moi!

So IZY – prepare!! The Concierge and Buddy are arriving Friday 12:30pm!