Monthly Archives: December 2014

Spammers, Sploggers and Hackers, OH MY!

Sign of the times? Unfortunately, yes. There are far too many clever, nefarious individuals out there who can think of nothing better to do than try and hijack a website for their own devious pleasures.

My hosting heroes have been in touch, alerting The Concierge to the fact that some such nobs have been leveraging the Club Street site to further their interests in selling viagra, cialis, and lord knows whatever to the masses, through spam emails ostensibly supported by this community. Now come on, we know you’re ace in the bedroom, and don’t need any such nonsense. So we pro-offer our sincerest apologies for these ridiculous overtures and hope that you’ll forgive us and remain a fan of our simple little community site.

With love,
The Concierge