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This Way or That ... As long as it's the Right Way!

Finally! The powers that be in control of Singapore’s streets, alleys, and avenues has seen fit to address the key challenges facing motorists traversing Ann Siang Hill and Club Street – that being a narrow road, permitted parking on both sides of the street —- and has made it ONE WAY for the most part.

Personally, the Concierge would encourage the LTA to also make parking solely available on ONE side of Ann Siang Hill to further alleviate congestion.  Of course, if folks would cease stopping their vehicles in the middle of road for no good reason, and pedestrian traffic would be more aware when attempting to share the road as opposed to the foothpaths, the aforementioned congestion would also diminish significantly.

Spammers, Sploggers and Hackers, OH MY!

Sign of the times? Unfortunately, yes. There are far too many clever, nefarious individuals out there who can think of nothing better to do than try and hijack a website for their own devious pleasures.

My hosting heroes have been in touch, alerting The Concierge to the fact that some such nobs have been leveraging the Club Street site to further their interests in selling viagra, cialis, and lord knows whatever to the masses, through spam emails ostensibly supported by this community. Now come on, we know you’re ace in the bedroom, and don’t need any such nonsense. So we pro-offer our sincerest apologies for these ridiculous overtures and hope that you’ll forgive us and remain a fan of our simple little community site.

With love,
The Concierge

Traffic comes from so many places!

The online world, even when it’s fully relating to the offline (aka REAL) world, is full of tricks, techniques and opportunities. is fully committed to bringing our offline world online, ensuring that visitors and locals alike are kept abreast of all that we have to offer.

So we’re playing around with cross social platform posting, tweeting, pinning etc. It’s keeping The Concierge on her toes, I can assure you!


It’s late at night and The Concierge finds herself not on the street of her dreams, but holed up nearby – a slave to the international timeline and trying to conduct business via telecon with NYC … and I am … on HOLD!

V.Excited to be trying out one of our newer establishments on Friday at Lunch with a formerly based here compadre who loves everything Japanesey as moi!

So IZY – prepare!! The Concierge and Buddy are arriving Friday 12:30pm!

Our Value Proposition

Yesterday afternoon, sitting by the pool and thoroughly enjoying the dryish breezes we’ve been experiencing of late, The Concierge and a similarly Club Street friendly, and business savvy, buddy were discussing the village portal.  Specifically, we were identifying the particular nuances and benefits that the online venue will provide for both it’s business owners who list and the patrons who visit the site to look for more information on this little neighbourhood.

We came up with the following:

Firstly, raising the profile of this vibrant little part of Singapore – both as a drinking/dining destination and as a place to do business.  There are an increasing number of ‘general’ businesses calling the neighbourhood ‘home’ – and by demonstrating that visitors can have several needs met while they’re here, we keep more money on the street!

Secondly, over the past 10 years, there have been any number of bars/restaurants and shops which have come and, sadly, gone — often in an incredibly short period of time.  The Concierge has lived on Club Street for over 7 years, and knows first hand that the number one reason for this is due to a lack of clientele.  Visitors and locals alike have a tremendous amount of choice – we need to ensure we’re shouting out loud and clear that we’re hear and we’d love to welcome them to our establishment.

Finally, and in harmony with the second, the recent changes to the street itself, being closed on Friday and Saturday nights (and soon to be turned into a One Way), has meant we’re well situated to provide a truly unique experience for folks who come looking for a great night out.  We can’t rest on our laurels, however, we need to keep the pressure up and a great way to do that is to ensure that when a potential customer googles ‘restaurant’ a number of sites ( included) are pulling that business to Club Street.

We’re here to act in harmony with and pump up the volume of traffic to your existing websites, Facebook Pages etc. – ultimately bringing more business to your door.

Surely that’s worth a few $$ / month.

We're accepting listings!

Thank you for your patience!  We’ve been busy little bees behind the scenes up here in Club Street Tower, just adding the final touches to our launch site – no doubt there will be further features, improvements as we go along (and think of them!).  No use waiting though …

Not Long Now ...

The Club Street Community is looking forward to our launch early in the Year of the Horse! The wood Horse is quite auspicious – and we anticipate success in bringing everyone closer to our little village because, quite simply, we think we’re the best in town!